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The perfect gingerbread, and icing recipe

I got many requests recently from a lot of people, who don't understand my language, Hungarian. Unfortunately I can't give online lessons yet. But I want to help everybody to get started!

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I used to say: "sometimes we have to make few mistakes, so we can learn how to bake the perfect gingerbread".

My dough recipe:

1000 g flour,
500 g confectioners’ sugar
200 g honey,
6 large egg (315 g),
18 g gingerbread spice mix (or ground cinnamon, ginger and cloves)
18 g baking soda
125 g butter (optional: It will be more delicious with butter and stay nice as well. As most of my gingerbreads are gifts, souvenirs and ornamental piece I usually don’t add butter.)
Mix the dough and wrap it tightly in a plastic wrap. Let it stay at least one day in cool dry place, or one week for the best result. You must knead it thoroughly before baking.

Roll it out approximately 4 mm (1/8 inch) thick. Daub with milk before you bake it in oven, with fan, 175-180 Celsius (350F).

Keep the cookies in an airtight container!

If you want to use your cookies to decorate your home, window or Christmas tree, keep them in your room for a few days before piping. It’s important that they adapt to the humidity of your room. This way the icing will not fall off the cookie.

The red, claret or honey-brown glaze: 
It's made from one egg-yolk one teaspoon milk. I add red food color, paste or powder. I use a brush to coat the cookies and I dry them on the racks of my oven at 50 Celsius (120F) with oven door 4-5 cm open and fan on. I coat the back side last.

My icing recipe:
The consistency is the most important.
I don't whip the royal icing, I mix it with a tea spoon and I stir it until it will be a bit fluffier and lighter.
I use half egg white, 1 slapped teaspoon of corn starch and very good quality confectioner’ sugar to reach a thin toothpaste consistency. I don't know how much sugar is needed, it depends on the size of the egg, the quality of the sugar and the corn starch. If the icing is too thin it needs more sugar.

I dry the icing in 50 Celsius (120F) oven with fan for 2-3 minutes with 5 cm opened oven door.

La ricetta del Pan di Zenzero per l'italiano>>>

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